Download Opening and Endings Bakuman [Complete] OST

Download Opening and Endings Bakuman [Complete] OST - Hi, now im going to share about Album Bakuman ost full.

Following the story of Moritaka "Saikou" Mashiro and Akito "Shujin" Takagi, two boys who meet in middle school and strive to become successful mangaka in the world under the pen name "Ashirogi Muto", they strive against insurmountable odds to make their dreams come true, and in Mashiro's case, make a manga so good it becomes an anime so the girl of his dreams Miho Azuki can voice the heroine, and then marry her. There's nothing complex or challenging about it. The story, at its heart, is pure straightforward Jump ideology, rewarding perseverance and guts tenfold, but its the subtext behind Bakuman that really bring the story to its full potential.
{Latest Update April 19, 2013}

Opening Theme: Season 1
"Blue Bird" by Kobukuro [Download] [Instrumental Ver.] [Single]
Opening Theme: Season 2
"Dream of Life" by Shohei Itou [Download]
Opening Theme: Season 3
#1: "Moshimo no Hanashi" by nano.RIPE [Download]
#2: "23 Ji 40 Pun" by Hyadain [Download]

Ending Theme: Season 1
#1: "BAKUROCK ~Mirai no Rinkakusen~" by YA-KYIM [Download] [Instrumental Ver.] [Single]
#2: "Genjitsu to Iu Na no Kaibutsu to Tatakau Mono Tachi" by Takahashi Yuu [Download] [Single]
Ending Theme: Season 2
#1: "monochrome rainbow" by Tommy heavenly6 [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Instrumental Ver.] [Single]
#2: "Parallel=" by Fumiya Sashida [Download] [Single]
Ending Theme: Season 3
#1: "Pride on Everyday" by sphere [Download]
#2: "Yume Sketch" by JAM Project [Download]

Insert Song: Season 1
Eps #12: Get Up ~Japanese Version~ by Koogy (CV: Shotaro Morikubo) [Single]
Eps #16: Zettai Shoujo Shugi! by Saori Hayami [Single]
Eps #20: Yoake Sunzen no Symphony by Saori Hayami
Eps #21: Euphoria ~Japanese Version~ by Koogy (CV: Shotaro Morikubo)
Insert Song: Season 2
Eps #01: Faker Trick by Mai Kotone
Eps #09: Crow's SKY by Shuhei Kita [Album]

Original Soundtrack 1 [Download]
Original Soundtrack 2 [Download]
Original Soundtrack 3 [Download]

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